David WommelsDorfF

social entrepreneur, marketing guru, CMO of HERO Condoms & Co-Founder of her/ collective

Do you have a love story in your wardrobe?

It would have to be an old gangster three piece suit that my dad got given – he worked at a bank. It was a gift when he approved a loan. I remember him dressing up to go to work in this fat pin stripped suit and he looked the business!  He pass that down to my brother, my brother got too chubby for it, so he passed it down to me and it plans on going down to my kids when I have them.

Question: What’s one tip you live by to extend the life of your clothes?

I think: mix it up. Never throw anything away. Everything comes full cycle. I believe that fashion and style is not about what is in fashion and what the trends are. I think it is about mixing and matching what is in your wardrobe. “Style” is fashion.

Question: What’s your rule when buying clothes for yourself?

Shop around. There is quality out there – make sure you shop around, don’t just buy the first thing.

Love your jeans: making one pair generates 14kg of carbon dioxide, uses enough energy to power a light bulb for 13,000hours and uses almost 20,000 litres of water.
— Cotton Incorporated (2012)