Clare Press

fashion journalist, eco fashion advocate, author

Do you have a love story in your wardrobe?

I do have a love story in my wardrobe – I actually got married in a vintage dress. It was $90 – don’t tell my husband – from Paddington Markets. It was from the 1930s, but we upcycled it and made it look brand new and made it look a million dollars. We lowered the neck, we replaced the sash, we had a slip made that made it look longer and grander and it was full of holes, so I couldn’t put my arms up! So weappliquéd all these silk leaf shapes by hand to put over the holes. So it became more precious for the love we put into fixing it up.

Question: What’s one tip you live by to extend the life of your clothes?

Washing is the obvious big one, the less you wash something, the more water you can save. But also repair – people tend not to fix the rip in their jeans or get their shoes re-soled. So make friends with your local cobbler!

Question: What’s your rule when buying clothes for yourself?

Always check the labels – we need to become a nation of label checkers. It is very easy to do and it is something we always do with food, so why don’t we do it with our clothes?

For Australian Fashion brands, only two percent have developed living wages for workers in final stage of production — and none implement living wages for those people in the raw materials part of the supply chain.
— Baptist World Aid, 2016